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Degreasing Function and keypoint in Pre-treatment system for powder coating system

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Author : Henry zhang
Update time : 2020-05-23 16:22:13
what's the main keypoint affect the degreasing effect in pre-treatment processing?

The degreasing quality is mainly depends on following four elements:

1.  Degreasing temperature
Generaly, more higher degreasing temperature, much better degreasing effect because the higher temperature will access the chemical reaction of degreasing . But the degreasing temperature can't reach enough higher as you think considering different degreasing chemical has different reaction temperature.

2.  Degreasing time

Generally, spraying degreasing time is 1~3min ; Dipping degreasing time is within 3~5 min ; But it shall also consider the element of the workpiece surface staus ,how much grease ,oil, dirty substance on product surface;

3.  Mechnical element
Spraying degreansing: Increasing the spraying pressure will improve the degreasing effect ;
Dipping degreasing  : Circly mixing behaviour will improve the degreasing effect;

4.  Degreasing chemical quality
To choose good quality degreasing chemical and reasonable model will be helpful to improve degreasing effect.
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